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Homeschool Days


Science Mill


101 S. Ladybird Lane
Johnson City, TX, 78636
United States


$6 per student. 1 free educator per student. Additional adults are $10. No reservations required. Demos, activities and 3D movie are free with admission. Learning Labs will be offered for an additional cost of $4 - $6 per student. (Limited space available. Email to reserve your child's spot.)


4-5 years 6-8 years 9-12 years Teenagers
Contact name: 
Madeline Cuba
We invite homeschool families and groups to join us on on Homeschool Day each month during the school year to explore the Science Mill. In addition to museum exhibits, we will offer a 3D movie and themed demonstrations and hands-on activities with scientists. Is your child a problem solver? An inventor or tinkerer? Does she like to take things apart and is intrigued by finding new and inventive ways to put them back together? An industrial design pro shows kids how to harness this curiosity in a career that's all about imagining and inventing.

What is Industrial Design? Industrial designers combine art, business and engineering to develop the concepts for manufactured products, such as cars, home appliances, electronics, toys and even exhibits for museums like the Science Mill. Industrial design pro Erich Rose gives kids an inside look into the world of industrial design and how it led him to creating fun, interactive museum exhibits for children.  10:30 am and 12:30 pm


Hands-on Activites- 11am-2pm

Egg Drop: Start with recyclable materials and add creative thinking and problem solving skills to design a prototype carrier for the ultimate Egg Drop. The carrier nestles an egg and keeps it safe as it falls from the top of the Science Mill Silos (dropped by Science Mill staff). Deliver an egg safely to the designated target and see if the carrier protects the egg in a drop of 40 feet. Egg Drops happen at 12:30 pm and 2 pm, weather permitting.

Crazy Contraptions: Manipulate mechanical devices and everyday objects and invent a crazy contraption that completes a series of tasks designed by the Science Mill staff. Kids unleash their inner creative problem solver and design an ideal machine to complete the challenge.

Science Museum Exhibit Design: What makes the coolest exhibit at a kid's science museum? Kids start with their ideas, create prototype designs and think through a process of transforming designs into working models or eventual REAL EXHIBITS! Check out a Science Mill exhibit designed by Erich Rose.



Model Design (K-2nd grades, 10:30)

Incorporate shape into design function in this fun and innovative lab utilizing Magformers, Thinker Linkers plus kids' creativity. Kids come up with ideas for toys or products then build the basic structure for their product. Instructors guide kids through a design process, using spatial reasoning and creative thinking, to design a model for their product. $4, 45 minutes

Devise Electronic Devices (3rd-5th grades, 11:30)

Explore invention design with creative electronic blocks called littleBits. Kids discover how to make their creations move, buzz and light up. Then, they imagine themselves as the CEOs of their own companies, naming their creations, creating a brand logo and developing a marketing slogan. $4, 45 minutes

Toy Transformation (6th-12th grades, 1:00)

Tinker and design new toys from dissected gadgets! Using pieces of deconstructed toys, create something completely new from faux fur, mechanical parts and gizmo guts. Combine parts in inventive ways to create an original product. Then, become the Chief Innovation Officer of a toy company, creating a company profile, designing a logo, developing packaging and marketing materials for innovative toy designs. $6, 75 minutes

The dates for this year's Homeschool Days are below. Please stay tuned for more details.



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