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SUMMER CAMP - Next-door Nature Camp

Spend your Summer at the Witte! From dinos to cowboys, the possibilities for learning are limitless. Find your student’s favorite camp and register today!

June 3-7, 2019

  • Dinolympics ages 6-8
    Kick off your summer with the dinosaurs at the Witte! Discover the fastest, largest and smallest creatures of the Mesozoic Era. Find out how pterosaurs flew, theropods ran and mosasaurs swam. What made these amazing animals so successful in their environments? In this week-long camp, students will match up dinosaurs and other creatures to determine who gets the gold!


  • Tracking Dinosaurs ages 9-12
    What can we learn from tracks and other fossils about the lives of dinosaurs? Believe it or not, fossils help paleontologists discover the size, speed and even behavior of these prehistoric creatures. During this hands-on camp, students will put themselves into the “shoes” of dinosaurs to determine how they moved and have the opportunity to reconstruct the behaviors of these amazing animals in the Dinolympic Games!


  • Mini CHEFs ages 6-8
    Want to have the thyme of your life learning how to cook? Join us at the H-E-B Body Adventure in the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio kitchen this summer as we explore different ingredients to create delicious meals and snacks. Get the opportunity to use different methods of cooking as we prepare a variety of recipes. Wrap up the week with a Witte inspired cooking challenge!

June 10-14, 2019

  • Making History ages 6-8
    Delve into the history and culture of Texas through food, games and exploration. Make and taste famous Texas foods, like chili and tamales! Explore the history to learn about the Chili Queens, who made and sold chili on the plazas in downtown San Antonio. Make history at the Witte!


  • History Detectives ages 9-12
    History is filled with mysteries that have intrigued historians for generations. Each day will bring a new mystery to challenge campers. Is that really Davy Crockett’s violin? What is the residue left on ancient stone tools and what does it tell us? Become a detective and decipher history at the Witte and find out for yourself how historians and archaeologists know what they know!


June 17-21, 2019

  • Next-door Nature ages 6-8
    You don’t have to look far to find amazing things in nature! This week, campers will explore the world around them and learn just how important it is to care for our planet. Campers will discover the many different habitats of their state and get up close and personal with some of the creatures that call Texas their home. They will contribute to citizen science projects through nature photography and will have the opportunity to get creative while making homes for native animals who may be looking for shelter. Get ready for a wild adventure!


  • Anatomy of Nature ages 9-12
    Take a five-day dive into the natural world around us. Use all of your senses to investigate the soil, water, plants and animals on the Witte Museum campus. Collect, dissect, plant, and dig…we will get our hands dirty!

June 24-28, 2019

  • Science in the Wild ages 6-8
    Science is everywhere! Can you see it? View the wild world through the eyes of a scientist as we get outside and explore. Expand your science skills by making observations and testing predictions about how our world works. Let the sun keep track of time during this camp at the Witte Museum!


  • Science of Survival ages 9-12
    How can we use science to help us escape a desert island? Or stay warm through a freezing cold night? Explore how science, technology, engineering and math can solve the challenges of surviving in the wild. Learn techniques and skills that generations of Texans had to master to survive in our sometimes harsh landscape.

July 8-12, 2019

  • Build It! ages 6-8
    Build with different materials of varying sizes and shapes. Whether you go tall, short, wide, skinny, large or small, you have the opportunity to make and destroy and make again! Experience the design process as we plan, create, test and reimagine. What will you build?


  • Engineer It! ages 9-12
    Explore different types of engineering! Discover the skills needed to be an engineer. Work with a team. Problem solve. Use your imagination and the engineering design process to accomplish amazing things. What will you create?


  • Super CHEFs ages 9-12
    What does it take to become a chef? Learn to chop, dice and slice like a real chef as we dive into the world of cooking. From cooking to cleaning to writing recipes, we will explore all the qualities a chef has in the kitchen. Get the opportunity to create your very own meal each day as we look into familiar and unfamiliar recipes of Texas. Wrap up the week with a Witte inspired cooking challenge!

July 15-20, 2019

  • Dino Explorers ages 6-8
    Ever wonder where in the world dinosaurs are discovered? A Discovery Passport is just what you need to explore fossils from every continent. Get ready for a week of discoveries and reconstruction of prehistoric habitats, ending in a trip around the world without ever leaving the Witte Museum.


  • Junior Paleontologists ages 9-12
    Pick up the tools of a paleontologist and discover just how much work goes into uncovering the ancient past and answer the question of what those discoveries can teach us about the prehistoric world. In this week-long camp, explore major discoveries in the field of Paleontology and acquire the skills you’ll need to make some discoveries of your own.

July 22-26, 2019

  • Museum Maker ages 6-8
    Explore the Witte galleries and exhibits that inspire your love of nature, science and culture and then get hands-on and create a museum exhibit of your own at the Witte. Discover what it takes to be an exhibit maker!


  • Magic of Museums ages 9-12
    What is a curator and what is their job? Meet with the many museum staff members as you explore the Witte galleries and exhibits to learn the magic it takes to run a museum and create your own museum exhibition!

July 29 – Aug 2, 2019

  • Mini Witte ages 6-8
    Every day is a new adventure at Mini Witte camp! Monday, discover the animals and our state’s great nature in Texas Wild. Make sure to bring your lab coat and goggles on Tuesday for a day full of science, technology, engineering and math! On Wednesday, meet a cowboy or vaquero and learn the history of Texas. Lace up your sneakers for a day of play and exercise in the H-E-B Body Adventure on Thursday. And finally, on Friday, meet the dinosaurs that called this area home millions of years ago.


  • Witte Unlocked ages 9-12
    Every day is a new adventure at Witte Unlocked camp! Go behind the scenes to discover the animals and our state’s great nature in Texas Wild. Bring your lab coat and goggles for a day of science, technology, engineering and math! Meet a Chili Queen and learn the history of Texas. Set personal goals for Mt. Witte while you play and exercise in the H-E-B Body Adventure. And finally, explore the field of paleontology and discover more about the dinosaurs that roamed the land we now call Texas!


Aug 5 – 9, 2019

  • Surviving Texas and Beyond ages 6-8
    How did ancient people survive in harsh landscapes thousands of years ago? What technology makes survival in today’s wild places possible? How can we use our senses to help us navigate an unfamiliar place? What do our bodies need to survive in every eco-region imaginable? Discover the answers to these questions and more during this week of camp, while exploring the exhibit Survival: How to Stay Alive Anywhere.


  • Skills of Survival ages 9-12
    Discover, explore and create tools for survival during a week of camp that delves into the history, ecology, health and technology of what it means to survive in the wilderness. Each day will focus on a different aspect of survival—how people can survive in extreme environments, how to know which plants and animals are safe to eat, how to recognize signals from our own bodies about what we need, how technology can help keep us alive and finally how to put all of our knowledge and skills to stay alive anywhere.



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